Australiana – A Blossoming Trend in Licensed Consumer Products

19th December 2023

Australiana – A Blossoming Trend in Licensed Consumer Products

In recent years, Australiana-inspired fashion has experienced a notable surge in popularity, with many fashion trends now embracing Aussie’s rich cultural and natural heritage in their product design philosophy.  These iconic elements have found its way to Australian retail and consumer products, establishing a notable presence nationwide.

Emerging as a dominant trend, Australiana has provided a platform for many licensed properties to flourish in Australian retail. Among these, May Gibbs stands out as a cultural icon in Australian storytelling and heritage, her stories and characters are a staple in many Aussie households. Her bush fantasy world has captured the imaginations of Australians for over a century. Evoking a sense of nostalgia and cultural pride, May Gibbs’ artworks are a natural fit to seamlessly translate to a diverse array of consumer products, offering Australians an opportunity to pass on their special connection to their own children and establishing a new generation of fans.

In 2023, Merchantwise has been strategically steering the beloved May Gibbs brand into exciting new territories through a series of innovative brand collaborations and partnerships.

May Gibbs in BIG W

May Gibbs continues to be a strong property in BIG W, launching an all-new range of May Gibbs-inspired babywear, kidswear, and womenswear. The timeless appeal of the Gumnut Babies extends into seasonal celebrations including Easter and Christmas, with a strong range of homewares and seasonal décor to complement the extensive product range.


May Gibbs x Walnut Melbourne

Walnut Melbourne, taking a refreshing new direction in kidswear, embodies the playful, fun and stylish spirit of May Gibbs without compromising on style. Launched in September, Walnut introduced a new summer May Gibbs range, featuring wearable and comfy summer styles for kids adorned with iconic May Gibbs characters and prints.



May Gibbs x Kip&Co

Celebrating 7 years in partnership with May Gibbs, Kip&Co has launched a new range of bedding, kidswear and baby clothing. Renowned for its allure in elevated living, the collection not only embodies the whimsical charm of the Gumnut Babies, but the idea of keeping them as cherished heirlooms, much like the shared stories passed down to our children.


May Gibbs x Ministry of Chocolate

In a delightful fusion of creativity and sweetness, May Gibbs has collaborated with Ministry of Chocolate to launch a new range just in time for Christmas. Indulge in a whimsical world of chocolatey goodness, featuring iconic May Gibbs artwork and a new range of Australiana inspired flavours, perfect for gifting and festive indulgence.



May Gibbs x Erstwilder

Partnering with Erstwilder, May Gibbs brings Aussies an all-new range of limited-edition collection of wearable accessories. Launched in November, this collection of brooches, earrings, necklaces, pins and hair accessories draws inspirations from iconic characters in May Gibbs’ collection of stories. The highly anticipated collection saw nearly half its items flying off shelves within 4 hours of the launch.


May Gibbs x Casetify

In a strategic convergence of Aussie storytelling and modern tech, Casetify has launched a new range of May Gibbs phone cases and tech accessories. Featuring beloved May Gibbs characters and iconic designs, this strategic partnership aims to introduce May Gibbs to a younger demographic, fostering a deeper appreciation for May’s work among diverse age groups.


May Gibbs x Bondi Wash

Extending the May Gibbs magic to baby care, the May Gibbs x Bondi Wash range of natural baby care products is perfect for all gumnut babies. Introducing a line of naturally formulated baby products including a gentle Baby Wash to clean and heal, and a soothing Baby Balm to protect the skin, the range also includes of copy of May Gibbs ‘Goodnight Gumnuts’ book to help ease little ones into slumber.


In conclusion, the surge in Australiana-inspired fashion and trends attests to an enduring movement of celebrating Australia’s unique flora and fauna and connection to the local culture. It’s not just about what looks good; it’s about wearing a piece of one’s own history and identity. As the Australiana trend continues to grow, Merchantwise is excited about the brand’s trajectory in 2024 and beyond and are proud to be part of the magic that has made the May Gibbs brand an integral part of Australia’s cultural heritage.


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