My Chemical Romance

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE (MCR) is considered one of the
greatest alternative rock bands of the 2000s and can be credited
for bringing emo mainstream. Formed in Newark, New Jersey
in 2001, the band was led by vocalist GERARD WAY and his
brother, bassist MIKEY WAY. They made their debut in 2002 with the independently released album I Brought You My Bullets,
You Brought Me Your Love and through their 12-year run, released 4 studio albums—all of which have been certified—and
a Greatest Hits album. In March of 2013, the band announced
its breakup, thanking their many fans for the years of excitement
they enjoyed together but surprised us all when they took the live stage again in 2019. MCR’s songs continue to rack up half a billion cumulative global streams each year.

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