Halo Master Chief Chibi Coin Sells Out Within 48 Hours

23rd June 2021

With a mintage of 2,000, the Master Chief Chibi™ Coin launched earlier this month, retailing for AU$128.82.

Made from 1oz of pure silver, the coin depicts Master Chief in a Chibi art style sporting the iconic green armour and golden visor.

The effigy of Queen Elizabeth II has been stamped on each coin as confirmation that it is legal tender. A Certificate of Authenticity is printed on the box along with confirmation of the coin’s unique serial number in this limited mintage.

The Master Chief Chibi Coin marks the first of several Halo coins to be released throughout 2021 with another Chibi Coin launching at the end of June and later this year, a Halo 20th Anniversary coin – a must-own for Halo fans.

The Anniversary coin will release in the fourth quarter of 2021 to time with the release of the new Halo Infinite game launch.

This series of collectible coins are a result of a licensed agreement between Microsoft and New Zealand Mint, brokered by Halo’s Australian and New Zealand agent, Merchantwise Licensing.

“We are very excited to have launched the world’s first ever Halo legal tender collectible coin with New Zealand Mint and for it to sell out within the first 48 hours.  Not only is this testament of the brand’s global strength but it bodes extremely well for our upcoming launches later this year with a new Chibi coin and a very special 20th Anniversary one that will tie in with the franchise’s milestone celebration,” said Merchantwise Licensing Senior Business Manager, Emma Aldenhoven.

Halo is the most recognised sci-fi video game franchise of all time.  With a fan base of over 100 million total users, 82 million game copies sold and a thriving global consumer product business, Halo is a gaming juggernaut.  Later this year the franchise will celebrate its 20th anniversary.

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