The castle, the ball, the sisters and the glass slipper are all still there, just not as you know them, in this vibrant comedy musical re-imagining of the classic story. Cinderella – or ‘Ella, as she now prefers to go by – is not waiting for a prince to come along and change her luck. She’s determined to get where she’s going all on her own.Ella (Camillo Cabelo) is a passionate and skilful dressmaker, trying to turn things around for her family. But the world is not ready for her (or any female) yet and Ella has to keep her enterprise on the DL – something she struggles to accept until a series of fateful events brings everything to the surface. With huge hit songs, big laughs and an even bigger heart, this is a fresh twist on the classic ‘tale.


The film is due for release in July 2021.

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